Massage in Marrakech

A good massage is traditionally preceded by a hammam session of about 30 minutes to open the pores of the skin and promote the elimination of toxins and especially relax both physically (muscle relaxation) than mental.
This step is a perfect preamble to the massage.

The massage is measured and this rhythm according to the state and the one who receives it and the one who gives it. The body is massaged from head to toe in every nook, the neck, the temples, the arches, the shoulders, the back are the places that win the most votes. But from the scalp to the toes, every centimeter of skin will appreciate a controlled massage technique.

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage is a real source of relaxation and well-being that helps remove muscle knots.
A moment of relaxation assured thanks to these numerous benefits which act in particular on the stress and the anxiety. A relaxing massage is for people who are in good shape and want to please themselves, or those who have temporary tiredness or physical or nervous tension.

Energizing massage

Energizing massage has always been known for its revitalizing side. Unlock blockages, revitalize body energy, work reflex zones of the body, you will immediately feel the incredible benefits. The effect of this massage helps promote muscle recovery. You will feel light, will be free of your troubles and full of energy.

Hamamelis Moroccan Massage

Les Bains d’Orient massage is a traditional massage of Morocco. It is practiced on a mattress placed on the floor. The gesture of the oldest massage given in the hammams in Marrakech is energetic and consists, after a massage with shea butter, a series of stretching limbs and pressure on different parts of the body.
A well-being massage par excellence, it purifies the body and rids it of its muscular tensions.

Duo massage

You want to share a moment of well-being with your partner, practice a massage in duet. As the name suggests, this type of massage is shared by two.
Moment of relaxation, relaxation, intimacy, complicity, as much fun to share during a duet massage.

Our massage oils

All our massage oils are based on argan oil also called “Liquid Gold” with different flavors. These oils penetrate quickly. The skin is soft and supple from the first application.

Oriental Relaxing Massage

Oriental Relaxing Massage

Back and neck massage

Foot massage

4 Hands Relaxing Massage

Relaxation and relaxation A stimulating effect An immediate well being Allows to find harmony and well-being in order to preserve or restore a state of good physical and mental health. Intense relaxation
30 min – 200dhs 30 min – 200dhs 30 min – 190dhs 30 min – 200dhs 30 min – 200dhs
60 min – 300dhs 60 min – 300dhs 60 min – 300dhs 60 min – 300dhs

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