About Us

Au cœur de la médina de Marrakech, Hamamelis Spa vous invite à la sérénité avec comme principal mot d’ordre votre bien être à prix très doux …

Une nouvelle adresse incontournable, un lieu reposant, des prestations soignées, un accueil hors du temps, le tout dans le respect des traditions.


Dans un cadre intimiste le Hammam « Des sens » vous propose une carte de soins variés, comprenant différents hammams, massages, soins du corps et du visage, à découvrir en séparés ou regroupés par thème dans nos offres spéciales, pour une expérience à vivre seul, en couple, en famille ou avec des amis.


Diplômé et professionnel, le personnel vous accueille durant votre voyage dans le monde du bien être en vous offrant les meilleurs prestations.

Our staff will take care of you from your arrival until your departure to make this moment a unique parenthesis.


Ghassoul, Rose Water, Black Soap, Essential Oils, Hammam des Sens extends your experience with local and natural products carefully selected for their active ingredients as well as for your comfort, in order to benefit from their immediate and lasting effects.


Well-being and relaxation are the very principles that reign at Hammam des Sens. To do this we give ourselves as a motto of professionalism, hygiene and the quality of care. A health and safety charter is written and applied by everyone to ensure your well-being both in terms of relationships and hygiene.

Our services


In all seasons, the hammam allows you to take a relaxing break in our sometimes stressful daily life and take care of your skin and body. In short, to do good for a few moments or a few hours to discover, enjoy alone or accompanied and share the benefits of oriental beauty secrets.



According to your wish and your desire, Hammam des Sens offers a varied menu of massages, to which can add essential oils and corresponding to everyone’s expectations: relaxing massage, toning to strengthen the muscles, Thai energy, sports or slimming to find or keep his line.


Body care

In a sometimes stressful environment we offer a relaxing break to relax, relax in a personal space to find its own internal balance and reconnect with its interior space. Our speakers, women and men will be at your disposal for your comfort and well-being.



Our face is attacked every day by the elements of nature, cities, our everyday family as a professional. What could be better than taking care of it and restoring it in a privileged and adapted space? To do this at the Hammam of the senses we offer a variety of treatments based on natural products, chosen by our specialists depending on the skin texture and needs of each.